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DFA Full Form / Abbreviation Category DFA Terms
Dance Films Association, Inc. Organization DFA
Department Of Finance And Administration US Government DFA
Damned Funny Architecture Funny DFA
Distinguished Forester Award Award or Medal DFA
Direct Force Attack Military and Defence DFA
Deterministic Finite Automaton Computing DFA
Democracy For America Non-Profit Organization DFA
Disk First Aid Computing DFA
Defence Families of Australia Military and Defence DFA
Deterministic Finite Automata Computing DFA
Dynamic Force Analysis Military DFA
Dairy Farmers of America Farming DFA
Data Flow Analysis Computer Database DFA
Dynamic Financial Analysis Accounting DFA
Director of Finance and Administration Police DFA
Design For Assembly Acedemic & Science DFA
Dimensional Fund Advisors Business Firm DFA
Dance For America Community DFA
Definite Finite Automata Computing DFA
Distribution Feeder Antenna Telecommunication DFA
Dog Friendly Area Local State DFA
Designated For Assignment Sports DFA
Direct File Access Computing DFA
Development Facilitation Act Business DFA
Death From Above Military and Defence DFA

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