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DHL Full Form / Abbreviation Category DHL Terms
Don't Hurry Love Internet Slang DHL
Didn't Have Lunch Internet Slang DHL
Dhala Airport Code DHL
Day and a Half Late Funny DHL
DEVANAHALLI Indian Railway Station DHL
Description Horn Logic Computer Software DHL
Documents Hopelessy Lost US Government DHL
Deutschland Hires Losers Funny DHL
Deutsche Heitwasslabungden Luffposte International Business DHL
Diffuse Histiocytic Leukemia Physiology DHL
Devoted Hanson Lover Funny DHL
Doaul Hockey League Sports DHL
Dewey, Huey, & Louie Funny DHL
Denfield Hockey League Sports DHL
dynamic head loading Government DHL
Dalsey-hillblom-lynn Messaging DHL
Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn Business Firm DHL
Drastic Hearing Loss Physiology DHL
Delivery Halfway Lost Funny DHL
Donkey, Horse, or Legs Funny DHL
Dalsey Hillblom Lynn Company Name DHL
Doctor of Humane Letters Academic Degree DHL
Deliver Here Last Funny DHL
Didn't Hit the Lottery Funny DHL
Dusted Her Lingerie Funny DHL
Dumped, Hidden, or Lost International Business DHL
Damn Heavy Load Funny DHL

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