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DIN Full Form / Abbreviation Category DIN Terms
Day Into Night Chemistry DIN
Drug Information Number Laboratory DIN
Deutsche Industrie Normenausschuss Chemistry DIN
Deutsche Industrie Norm Government DIN
Deutches Institut für Normung Plasctic DIN
Dinka Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode DIN
Doctor's Independent Network Computer Networking DIN
Doctors Independent Network Electronics DIN
Deutscher Industrie Normenausschus Business DIN
Divorce In The Netherlands Education DIN
Drug Identification Number Laboratory DIN
Deutsches Institut für Normung Media DIN
Deutsche Industry Norm Electronics DIN
Do It Now Military DIN
Development Initiative-Nepal Organization DIN
Deutsche Industries Normung Business Firm DIN
Danke im Nachhinein German DIN
Dien Bien Phu, Viet Nam Regional Airport Code DIN
Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen Chemistry DIN
Deutsche Industrie Normale Business DIN
Doctors' Independent Network Hospital DIN
Defense Intelligence Notice Military DIN
Dining Room Misc DIN
Dixie Information Network Business Firm DIN
DineEquity, Inc NASDAQ Symbol DIN
Deutschland Invented Number Funny DIN
AUTODIN data identification number Government DIN
Das Ist Norm Funny DIN
digital network Government DIN
División De Infantería Normal Military and Defence DIN
international industrial standard designator, Government DIN
Dien Bien Phu Airport Code DIN
Deutsches Institut f Information Technology DIN
Document Identification Number US Government DIN
Deutsche Institut fur Normung (German Standardization Institute) Computer and Networking DIN

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