DL Full Form Name

DL Full Form is Deputy Lieutenant

DL Full Form / Abbreviation Category DL Terms
Deputy Lieutenant Police DL
Data Left Computer Assembly DL
Dielectric Leakage Electronics DL
Document Link Softwares DL
Electronics Engineering Division, Design Engineering Directorate (design, Electronics) Space Science DL
Downlink NASA DL
China Distance Education Holdings Limited NASDAQ Symbol DL
Data Link Telecom DL
Dl Viewer Animation Display File File Type DL
Division Leader Military and Defence DL
Default Losses Sports DL
Direct Labor Accounts and Finance DL
Disintegration Line Physics Related DL
Diaper Lover Funny DL
Definition List Computing DL
data level Government DL
Daniel Leo Names and Nicknames DL
Down Low Funny DL
Don't Laugh Internet Slang DL
Dark Legend Science Fiction DL
Diesel Locomotive Regional Railroad DL
National Capital Territory of Delhi Indian Union Territory DL
Dimension Lengthwise Measurement Unit DL
Defintion List Computer Assembly Language DL
Diapason Limited Organization DL
Directory Listing Computing DL
Destroy List Computer Assembly Language DL
frigate Government DL
DeLuxe Business Product DL
Don't Loop Computer Assembly Language DL
Disabled Living Organization DL
Dictionary List Database Management DL
DALADI Indian Railway Station DL
Description Length Computing DL
Dummy Load Electronics DL
Don't Look Internet Slang DL
Deci-liter Chemistry dL
Diffraction Limited Physics Related DL
Description Logic Other DL
Dial Corporation NYSE Symbol DL
Direct Link Softwares DL
documentation library Government DL
Data Length Computing DL
Drawing Limit Banking DL
Development - Left Space Science DL
Druglink Limited Organization DL
Driver's License Law DL
data list, 8 Government DL
Directory List Computer Assembly DL
Delete Lines Computer Assembly DL
Dynamic Loader Softwares DL
Danger List Hospital DL
Dynamic Load Physics Related DL
Deciliter Transportation DL
Dale Government Supplier DL
Definition Layer Softwares DL
Double Log Transportation DL
Diffuse Layer Electronics DL
Dark Legacy Other DL
Description Logics Other DL
Display and Lock Computer Assembly Language DL
Defect Log Softwares DL
Down Link Telecom DL
Decision List Business DL
Dropdown List Softwares DL
Demi Lovato Popular DL
Dynamic Linker Softwares DL
Dynamically-linked Computer Assembly Language DL
Design Language Military DL
Donato Literati Organization DL
Discovery 80 Limited Organization DL
Distance Learning Military DL
DownLoad Internet Slang DL
Distribution List Computer Networking DL
Download Last Internet Slang DL
Detection Limit Physics Related DL

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