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Here We Listing All Full Form and Abbreviation OF DMG. You can check the web's most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, full forms and initialisms. full form and Acronym Finder allows users to find the DMG category like computers, technology, Organization, IT, Exam, biology, Sports, telecommunications, and the military. we have more then 15,000 full form data.

What does DMG stand for

DMG Full Form / Abbreviation Category DMG Terms
Data Management Group Space Science DMG
Development Management Group Business DMG
Davidson Media Group Business Firm DMG
DOMINGARH Indian Railway Station DMG
Dr. Moopen's Group Medical DMG
Dungeon Masters Guide Sports DMG
Disk Image Computing DMG
Mac OS X disk image File Extension DMG
Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft Other DMG
Daily Mail Group Internet Slang DMG
Macintosh OS X Disk Copy Disk Image File File Extension DMG
Di- Methyl Glycine Chemistry DMG
Distinguished Military Graduate Military and Defence DMG
Dot Matrix Graphics Computer Hardware DMG
Department of Mines and Geology University DMG

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