DMS Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

DMS Full Form is Destroyer Minesweeper

DMS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryDMS Terms
Destroyer MinesweeperMilitaryDMS
Department Of Media StudyUniversityDMS
Degrees Minutes And SecondsUnit of MeasurementDMS
Database Management SystemComputingDMS
Data Management SystemComputer AssemblyDMS
Database Managed StorageHardwareDMS
DimethylsulfideOcean ScienceDMS
Defense Mapping SchoolUS GovernmentDMS
Diminishing Manufacturing SourcesMilitaryDMS
Dilute Magnetic SemiconductorElectronicsDMS
Digital Message SwitchMilitaryDMS
Digital Media SystemComputer SoftwareDMS
Digital Multiplex SystemComputingDMS
Deep Multicolor SurveyNASADMS
Distributed Make SystemComputer SoftwareDMS
Digital Media StationComputer SoftwareDMS
Digital Media StorageHardwareDMS
Defense Message SystemMilitaryDMS
Documentation Management SystemMilitaryDMS
Digital Matrix SwitchNASADMS
Display Manager SystemComputingDMS
defense missile systemsGovernmentDMS
Demobilization StationMilitaryDMS
Data Management ServiceBusinessDMS
data monitoring systemGovernmentDMS
Diversified Management ServicesBusiness FirmDMS
high speed minelayerGovernmentDMS
Distributed Matrix StructuresMathematicsDMS
digital mass storageGovernmentDMS
Disk Masher SystemFunnyDMS
data management softwareGovernmentDMS
Defense medical servicesGovernmentDMS
Don't Mean ShitInternet SlangDMS
documentation of molecular spectroscopyGovernmentDMS
Doc Martens SkinheadsFunnyDMS
digital mapping systemGovernmentDMS
Defence Medical ServicesMedicalDMS
Document Management SystemGovernmentDMS
domestic military salesGovernmentDMS
Direct Molded SolesShoesDMS
Compressed Amiga File Archive (diskmasher)File TypeDMS
Diploma In Management StudiesEducational DegreeDMS
Deutsche Malaga SyntaxSoftwaresDMS
Defense Materials System, 19GovernmentDMS
Dell Movie StudioSoftwaresDMS
Dimethyl SulfideChemistryDMS
Don't Mean SquatMilitary and DefenceDMS
Defense Meteorological SystemMilitary and DefenceDMS
data multiplexer sub-unitGovernmentDMS
Default Menu SystemSoftwaresDMS
Docking Module Sub-systemSpace ScienceDMS
Division of Mathematical Sciences (nsf)MathsDMS
Director Medical ServicesMilitary and DefenceDMS
Dynamic Motion SimulatorSpace ScienceDMS
Distributed Monomial SystemMathsDMS
Dig More StonesEarth ScienceDMS
Docking Mechanism SystemSpace ScienceDMS
Distribution Management SystemTelecommunicationDMS
Digital Multiplexing SwitchElectronicsDMS
Document Management SoftwareSoftwaresDMS
Director of Military SupportMilitary and DefenceDMS

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