DNS Full Form Name

DNS Full Form is Damn Naming Scheme

DNS Full Form / Abbreviation Category DNS Terms
Damn Naming Scheme Funny DNS
Don't kNow Squat Military DNS
distributed network supervisor Government DNS
Domain Name Server FDA DNS
Digital Nervous System Computing DNS
Delaware Nature Society Organization DNS
Do Not Ship Business Product DNS
Di Neutro Salicylic acid Chemistry DNS
Darned Nasty Setup Funny DNS
doppler navigation system Government DNS
Direct Numerical Simulation Electronics DNS
Do Not Schedule Messaging DNS
Driver Night Sight Military and Defence DNS
Denison Ia Airport Code DNS
Database Of Names And Salaries Business DNS
direct network subscriber Government DNS
Did Not Start Sports DNS
Domain Name System Computer Networking DNS
Did Not Show for appointment Physiology DNS
Digital Network Services Computer Networking DNS
Domain Name Service Computing DNS
Do Not Stop Transportation DNS
Directorate of National Security Military DNS
Dinitrosalicylic Acid Chemistry DNS
Do Not Surf Sports DNS
Do Not Spit Funny DNS

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