DNS Full Form Name

DNS Full Form is Damn Naming Scheme

DNS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryDNS Terms
Damn Naming SchemeFunnyDNS
Don't kNow SquatMilitaryDNS
distributed network supervisorGovernmentDNS
Domain Name ServerFDADNS
Digital Nervous SystemComputingDNS
Delaware Nature SocietyOrganizationDNS
Do Not ShipBusiness ProductDNS
Di Neutro Salicylic acidChemistryDNS
Darned Nasty SetupFunnyDNS
doppler navigation systemGovernmentDNS
Direct Numerical SimulationElectronicsDNS
Do Not ScheduleMessagingDNS
Driver Night SightMilitary and DefenceDNS
Denison IaAirport CodeDNS
Database Of Names And SalariesBusinessDNS
direct network subscriberGovernmentDNS
Did Not StartSportsDNS
Domain Name SystemComputer NetworkingDNS
Did Not Show for appointmentPhysiologyDNS
Digital Network ServicesComputer NetworkingDNS
Domain Name ServiceComputingDNS
Do Not StopTransportationDNS
Directorate of National SecurityMilitaryDNS
Dinitrosalicylic AcidChemistryDNS
Do Not SurfSportsDNS
Do Not SpitFunnyDNS

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