DOA Full Form Name

DOA Full Form is Delightful Oval Asses

DOA Full Form / Abbreviation Category DOA Terms
Delightful Oval Asses Physiology DOA
Doany Airport Code DOA
Day Of Admission Physiology DOA
Dogs On Acid Funny DOA
direction of arrival, 3 Government DOA
Defective On Arrival Electronics DOA
Death On Arrival Computer Database DOA
Deputy Obital Analyst Military DOA
drug of abuse British Medicine DOA
Duration of Action Military and Defence DOA
Deutsch Ost Afrika Other DOA
Department of Agriculture International Business DOA
Deutsch-Ostafrika (German East-Africa, former colony) German DOA
Dead On Arrival Military DOA
Delegation Of Authority Business DOA
Department Of Administration US Government DOA
Deadly On Anything Law DOA
Dead-on alignment Electronics DOA
Director of Administration Military and Defence DOA
Deputy Orbital Analyst Military and Defence DOA
DORAHA Indian Railway Station DOA
Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance Military DOA
Department Of The Army Military DOA
Date Of Arrival Military DOA
Dynamic Operation Area Military and Defence DOA
Delay of Arrival Military and Defence DOA
Depends On Assignment Military DOA

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