DoS Full Form Name

DOS Full Form is Director of Sales

DOS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryDOS Terms
Director of SalesJob TitleDOS
Dinosaur Operating SystemFunnyDOS
Distributed Operating SystemOtherDOS
Dunce Overriding SystemFunnyDOS
Disk Opening SystemFunnyDOS
Dumb Operating SystemFunnyDOS
Date of surgeryPhysiologyDOS
Declaration Of SupportComputingDOS
Density Of StatesElectronicsDOS
Data Over SignalTelecommunicationDOS
Denial Of ServiceComputer DriverDOS
Autodesk Comprehensive Education SolutionComputer SoftwareDOS
Duke Oral SurgeryMedicalDOS
Di-octyl SebacateChemistryDOS
Dual Operating SystemComputer SoftwareDOS
External command file (1st Reader)File ExtensionDOS
Dirty Operating SystemFunnyDOS
Disk Operating SystemComputer DriverDOS
Department of StateInternational BusinessDOS
Defunct Operating SystemFunnyDOS
Duke Oncology-SurgicalMedicalDOS
Dense Operating SystemFunnyDOS
Day of SupplyMilitaryDOS
Department of State (U.S.)Computer and NetworkingDOS
Dead Operating SystemFunnyDOS
DiosAirport CodeDOS
Difficult Operating SystemFunnyDOS
Deployed Operational StateMilitaryDOS
Democratic Opposition Of SerbiaPoliticalDOS
DEHRI ON SONEIndian Railway StationDOS
date of separationGovernmentDOS
Days Of SupplyMilitaryDOS
Dos Related File (win95)File TypeDOS

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