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DPM Full Form / Abbreviation Category DPM Terms
Dos Protected Mode Computing DPM
Deputy Prime Minister Business Position DPM
Disruptive Pattern Material Military DPM
Downtown People Mover Transportation DPM
Damp Proof Membrane Chemistry DPM
Decays Per Minute Unit of Measurement DPM
Decentralized Production Management Business DPM
Digital panel meter Electronics DPM
Defect Per Million Business Product DPM
Defense Program Memorandum Military DPM
Don't Punch Me Internet Slang DPM
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Medical DPM
data processing module Government DPM
Diesel Particulate Matter Other DPM
Deputy Project Manager Military DPM
Detroit People Mover Community DPM
Direct Part Marking Other DPM
DCP Midstream Partners, LP NASDAQ Symbol DPM
Dollars Per Mile Unit of Measurement DPM
Department of Personnel Management Business Management DPM
data processing machine Government DPM
Data Position Management Business Management DPM
Dual Port Memory Hardware DPM
development preliminary manual, 9 Government DPM
Dynamical Proton Model Chemistry DPM
deputy program manager Government DPM
Department of Palliative Medicine Medical DPM
Division of Payment Management Business Management DPM
digital plotter map Government DPM
Duke Pulmonary Medicine Medical DPM
Digits Per Minute Unit of Measurement DPM
Disintegrations Per Minute Measurement Unit DPM
Deputy Prime Minister  Other DPM
Dynamic Power Management Business Management DPM
Dissemination Program Manager Military and Defence DPM

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