DS Full Form Name

DS Full Form is Destroyed

DS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryDS Terms
DestroyedFBI FileDS
Domination and SubmissionPoliceDS
dressing stationGovernmentDS
Downs SyndromeOtherDS
Digital ServiceRadio ScienceDS
Data StorageSpace ScienceDS
Dear SonInternet SlangDS
Destination To SourceNetworkingDS
Double ShotMilitaryDS
Delivery ServiceBusinessDS
Direct SalesBusinessDS
Dispensaire de ScheffervilleMedicalDS
disconnect switchGovernmentDS
Directory SystemComputingDS
Data ServiceTelecomDS
directed searchGovernmentDS
data standardGovernmentDS
Distributed SystemsComputer NetworkingDS
Dalit SolidarityOrganizationDS
Define StorageComputer Assembly LanguageDS
deficiency systemGovernmentDS
Destination SpecialistMessagingDS
Dungeon SiegeSportsDS
Digital SystemElectronicsDS
Double ScreenComputer Assembly LanguageDS
Directorate for Information Systems and Services (dia)Military and DefenceDS
Dog SoldiersOtherDS
Directory ServiceComputingDS
Duh StatementFunnyDS
DropsideMilitary and DefenceDS
decimal subtractGovernmentDS
Data SystemMilitaryDS
Double StandardOtherDS
Digital SignalElectronicsDS
Decision Support Display SystemGovernmentDS
Discontinuity SampleChemistryDS
Data SourceComputer DatabaseDS
Dream StreetInternet SlangDS
Dedicated ServerComputer NetworkingDS
Demon StoneScience FictionDS
Dual ScreenComputer TechnologyDS
Dollars and SenseOrganizationDS
Development SolutionsOrganizationDS
Differentiated ServicesComputer NetworkingDS
Dark StalkersScience FictionDS
Deep SpaceNASADS
Decision SupportBusinessDS
Dual ShockTransportationDS
data sendGovernmentDS
defense suppression,GovernmentDS
Decision SciencesOtherDS
Dialyseafdeling Sticht.MedicalDS
Dominance and SubmissionInternet SlangDS
defensive specialistOtherDS
Digital SpyComputer SoftwareDS
Deep SpaghettiFunnyDS
Detective SuperintendentPoliceDS
Dancing in the StreetsOrganizationDS
Detective SergeantPoliceDS
Double SamplingElectronicsDS
data segmentGovernmentDS
Double SidedComputingDS
Developer SystemSoftwaresDS
Dark SideScience FictionDS
Deep Space Surveillance SystemGovernmentDS
Delta StationMilitary and DefenceDS
day spaSportsDS
Data StructureComputingDS
Double ScalarMathsDS
disk storageGovernmentDS
disclosure statementGovernmentDS
drum storageGovernmentDS
Drop ShotOtherDS
Down's SyndromePhysiologyDS
Delayed SubstitutionsSportsDS
directionally solidifiedGovernmentDS
Dollar SignCoinDS
Dune SportSportsDS
DASNAIndian Railway StationDS
Distributed SoftwareMilitaryDS
Double StandardsOtherDS
data serverGovernmentDS
Doctrine SponsorMilitary and DefenceDS
descent stageGovernmentDS
Directory ServicesComputer NetworkingDS
dietary supplementMedicalDS
Defense SupportMilitaryDS
Davids SystemsOrganizationDS
directing staffGovernmentDS
Duodenal SwitchHospitalDS
Deafblind ScotlandOrganizationDS
Double StrandedHuman GenomeDS
Direct SupportMilitaryDS
Direct Support Unit Standard Supply SystemGovernmentDS
Death ScytheOtherDS
Difference StationaryBankingDS
data scanningGovernmentDS
display system, 25GovernmentDS
disseminated sclerosisMedicalDS
Stokes DiameterPhysics RelatedDs
Democracia SocialistaSpanishDS
Dark ShadowsMediaDS
database specificationGovernmentDS

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