DSL Full Form Name

DSL Full Form is Deep Scattering Layer

DSL Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryDSL Terms
Deep Scattering LayerOcean ScienceDSL
Dark Star LtdBusiness FirmDSL
Dedicated System LineComputingDSL
Dammit, Someone LiedFunnyDSL
Do Shout LoudlyInternet SlangDSL
Downey Financial CorporationNYSE SymbolDSL
Domain Specific LanguagesOtherDSL
Digital Subscriber LineComputer NetworkingDSL
DESWALIndian Railway StationDSL
Damn Small LinuxComputer SoftwareDSL
Document Summary ListMilitaryDSL
Damn Standard LineFunnyDSL
Driveway Site LiaisonUS GovernmentDSL
Doesn't Seem LogicalInternet SlangDSL
Darn Slow LineFunnyDSL
Domain-Specific LanguageInformation TechnologyDSL
Domain Specific languageComputingDSL
Dress for Success, LouisvilleOrganizationDSL
Darn Shaky LinkFunnyDSL
Democracy Sierra LeoneOrganizationDSL
drawing and specification listingGovernmentDSL
data set labelGovernmentDSL
DoubleLine Income Solutions FundNASDAQ SymbolDSL
DaruAirport CodeDSL
Doesn't Seem LikelyInternet SlangDSL
Dakota Surgical LtdMedicalDSL
data structures languageGovernmentDSL
Document SeLectionComputer and NetworkingDSL
Display Switch Locator (sl) RoutingMilitary and DefenceDSL
Direct Swift LinkComputingDSL
Daily Sustained LaughingFunnyDSL
data simulation languageGovernmentDSL
Degussa Shionogi LimitedBusiness FirmDSL
Direct Service LineBusinessDSL
Dual Screen LiteFunnyDSL
dynamic simulation languageGovernmentDSL
document summary list, 7GovernmentDSL
Days Since LoginComputingDSL

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