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DSM Full Form / Abbreviation Category DSM Terms
Distributed Shared Memory Computer Networking DSM
Design Structure Matrix Physics DSM
Dutch State Mines Business Firm DSM
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Computing DSM
Demand Side Management Business DSM
Dynamic Scattering Mode Physics DSM
Distributed Storage Manager Computer Networking DSM
Dead Sea Mud Food DSM
District Sales Manager Business Position DSM
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Physiology DSM
Digital Sound Module File Extension DSM
Dominic Sciscente Music Music DSM
data source matrix Government DSM
Dynamic Structures and Materials University DSM
Diamond Star Motors Business Firm DSM
Distinguished Service Medal Award or Medal DSM
Dragon Scale Mail Business Firm DSM
Dedicated Server Monitor Computer Networking DSM
Device-Specific Module Computer Driver DSM
Dynamic Screen Manager Computer Software DSM
development system manager Government DSM
Deep Space Maneuver NASA DSM
development support manager Government DSM
Doesn't Stay Moving Funny DSM
don't shoot me Government DSM
Des Moines International Airport Transportation DSM
Microsoft Developer Studio Macro File Type DSM
Data Source Manager Computer Driver DSM
Diamond Star Motor Business Firm DSM
data systems modernization Government DSM
Dreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Fund, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol DSM
Des Moines Ia Airport Code DSM
Division Sergeant Major Military and Defence DSM
Diploma in Systems Management Educational Degree in Commerce DSM
Dependency Structure Matrix Other DSM
Double Sight Monitor Military and Defence DSM
digital system model, 9 Government DSM
Duke Sports Medicine Medical DSM
Dedicated Security Mode Military and Defence DSM
Desktop Server Manager (computer Associates) Softwares DSM
Data State Manager Softwares DSM
Death Strike Mercenaries Military and Defence DSM
Diamond Star Motorsports Business Firm DSM
Direct Sales Margin Accounts and Finance DSM
Daily Standard Market Stock Exchange DSM
Database Service Manager Database Management DSM
Deputy Stage Manager Performing Art DSM
Differential Stress Model Physics Related DSM
Data Systems Manager Space Science DSM
Dumb Stupid Manager Funny DSM
DARASURAM Indian Railway Station DSM
Da Skills Manifest Job Title DSM
Dimensional Stereo Microphone Computer Hardware DSM
Dreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Fund NYSE Symbol DSM
direct support maintenance Government DSM
Dalcroze School of Music Organization DSM
Defense Supplier Marketplace Military and Defence DSM

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