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DU Full Form / Abbreviation Category DU Terms
Disk Unit Hardware DU
Dialysis Unit Medical DU
display unit Government DU
Diagnosis Undetermined Physiology DU
Defensa Universitaria Spanish DU
Davangere University Karnataka State University DU
Ducks Unlimited Non-Profit Organization DU
Doon University Uttarakhand State University DU
Delft University University DU
Depleted Uranium Military DU
Distance Units Unit of Measurement DU
Dimwitted Underlings Funny DU
Disk Utility Computer Software DU
Disk Usage Computing DU
Dry and Unstable Earth Science DU
University of Denver Computer Networking DU
Distribution Unit Laboratory DU
Deutsch Connectors Government Supplier DU
detector unit Government DU
Durability Physics DU
Deputy Under Secretary of the Army Government DU
Delta Upsilon Fraternity Other DU
Delhi University University DU
Duke University University DU
Dimwitted Underling Business Position DU
Data Unit Computing DU
Discourse Unit Acedemic & Science DU
Dubai Countries DU
Duodenal Ulcer Physiology DU
Dhaka University University DU
The Derivative of U Maths dU
Desktop Underwriter Business Position DU
Dobson unit Ocean Science DU
Dwelling Unit Community DU
Duke Urology Medical DU
University of Delhi Indian Government Central University DU
Death Unit Military DU
Disk Used Computing DU
Dravidian University Andhra Pradesh State University DU
Down Under Australian DU
Dummies United Funny DU
University of Dhaka University DU
DeVry University University DU
Drexel University Organization DU

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