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DV Full Form / Abbreviation Category DV Terms
Domestic Violence Law DV
distinguished visitor Government DV
Differential Velocity Space Science DV
demonstration/validation phase Government DV
Dispersion Voltage Electronics DV
Diaconessenhuis Voorburg Medical DV
Drunken Vampire Internet Slang DV
Death Valley  Other DV
Desired Value Computing DV
Duc De Villeroy Popular DV
Digital Video Electronics DV
Delta V Rocket Space Science DV
differential voltage Government DV
Delaware Valley Railway Company Regional Railroad DV
Daily Values Other DV
Developed Vetting Police DV
direct vision Government DV
Design verification Electronics DV
Distribution Volume Laboratory DV
Dry Vermouth Food DV
Delavan Government Supplier DV
Devry, Inc. NYSE Symbol DV
double vision British Medicine DV
Designee for Verification Space Science DV
Dance Valley Other DV
direct view Government DV
DentalVolunteer.com Organization DV
Deo Volente (God willing) Religious DV
Diversity Visa US Government DV
Daily Value Stock Exchange DV
Data And Voice Telecom DV
DaVinci Organization DV
dump valve Government DV
DeVry Education Group Inc. NASDAQ Symbol DV
Don't Vomit SMS DV
DHUVA Indian Railway Station DV
Digital Vision Computing DV
Derivative of V Mathematics DV
Disabled and Vulnerable Organization DV
Da Vet Funny DV
Dengue Virus Laboratory DV

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