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What does EDS stand for

EDS Full Form / Abbreviation Category EDS Terms
Eventually Dreadful Solutions Funny EDS
electronic dip switch Government EDS
European Distribution System Government EDS
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Physiology EDS
Extended Directory Space Computing EDS
Explosive Detection Systems Transportation EDS
Extended Data Services Business EDS
Eventually Downwind Sailing Sports EDS
Export Development Surcharge Accounts and Finance EDS
Eight Dollar Stock Funny EDS
Economic Development Services Banking EDS
European Dental Society Organization EDS
Eleven Dead Sheep Funny EDS
Employee Development System Messaging EDS
executive display subsystem Government EDS
Electronic Data Submission Human Genome EDS
The Erin Davis Show Media EDS
electronic data system Government EDS
electronic display system, 9 Government EDS
Electrodynamic Suspension Physics Related EDS
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Funny EDS
Episcopal Divinity School Other EDS
Eventually Deliver Something Funny EDS
Electronic Data Systems Corporation NYSE Symbol EDS
Environmental Data Service Ocean Science EDS
Employee Data Store Computing EDS
emergency detection system Government EDS
Electronic Documentation System Business EDS
Electrophoretic Diagnostic Saliva Laboratory EDS
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy Physics Related EDS
excessive daytime somnolence Medical EDS
European Desalination Society Organization EDS
Electronic Data Systems Government EDS
End Of Dependable Service Computing EDS
Electrical Distribution System Space Science EDS
Explosive Device System Space Science EDS
Electro Dynamic Speaker Electronics EDS

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