EDT Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

EDT Full Form is Electronic Data Transfer

EDT Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryEDT Terms
Electronic Data TransferBusinessEDT
European Deaf TelephoneTelecomEDT
End Delivery TonnageUnit of MeasurementEDT
Default settings (VAX EDT editor)File ExtensionEDT
Engineering Development TestBusinessEDT
085>Eastern Daylight Time [ GMT - 0400]Local StateEDT
Engineering Design TestNASAEDT
Eastern Daylight TimeOtherEDT
Edit Data TransmissionComputer NetworkingEDT
1,2-Ethane DithiolChemistryEDT
Evangelical Dictionary of TheologyReligiousEDT
Eau De ToiletteFrenchEDT
Energy Dissipation TestMilitaryEDT
Explosive Duct TapeNASAEDT
electric discharge tubeGovernmentEDT
Equivalent Difference TransmissionPhysicsEDT
External Editors Definitions (dn)File TypeEDT
Everybody Drinks TonightFunnyEDT
Electronic Display TerminalComputingEDT
Executive Director for Tmde (test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment)Military and DefenceEDT
Electrostatic Dehumidification TechnologyTechnologyEDT
engineer design testsGovernmentEDT
externally directed teamGovernmentEDT
Engineering Data TransmittalMilitaryEDT
Eastern Daylight Time [utc - 0400]TimeEDT

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