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ELC Full Form / Abbreviation Category ELC Terms
Environmental Leadership Collaborative Organization ELC
Evangelical Lutheran Church Religious ELC
Early Learning Center Education ELC
Esperanto League of Cyberspace Internet ELC
Electronic Learning Credits Education ELC
Elcho Island, Northern Territory, Australia Regional Airport Code ELC
Electric City Corporation AMEX Symbol ELC
Entrance Loan Counseling Real Estate ELC
Education Leaders Council Education ELC
English Language Course University ELC
Estudiantes Libertarios de Cataluña Spanish ELC
embedded linking and control Government ELC
Eligibility in the Local Context Sports ELC
Education Law Center University ELC
English Language Centre University ELC
Emacs Lisp Compiled ELISP code File Extension ELC
Early Learning Coordinator Business Position ELC
Electronic Learning Communities University ELC
Environmental Literacy Council Non-Profit Organization ELC
EpistemeLinks.Com Business Firm ELC
Elcho Island Airport Code ELC
Embedded Linux Consortium Computing ELC
Elthorne Learning Centre Organization ELC
Equestrian Land Conservation Environmental ELC

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