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EMD Full Form / Abbreviation Category EMD Terms
Executive Management Development University EMD
Electronic Music Distribution Media EMD
External Memory Drive Hardware EMD
Emergency Medical Dispatch Physiology EMD
Electro Motive Division Business Firm EMD
Estado Mayor de la Defensa Nacional Guatemalan EMD
Emerald, Queensland, Australia Regional Airport Code EMD
Extended Maturity Date Stock Exchange EMD
Electronic Map Data Military EMD
Emergency Medical Doctor Physiology EMD
electric-motor driven Government EMD
Electric Mobility Demonstrator Military EMD
Emanuel Merck Darmstadt Popular EMD
Western Asset Emerging Markets Income Fund, Inc NASDAQ Symbol EMD
Engineering Manufacturing Development Military EMD
Elisa Monte Dance Organization EMD
Electromechanical dissociation (now PEA) Physiology EMD
Emerging Markets Income Fund, Inc. NYSE Symbol EMD
Every Model Drips Funny EMD
engineering and manufacturing development Government EMD
Emergency Management Division Business Management EMD
engineering and management development Government EMD
Exact Match Domain Computer Technology EMD
Electro Motive Diesel Other EMD
engineering/manufacturing design Government EMD
Entry Monitor Display Space Science EMD
Effective Miss Distance Military and Defence EMD
European Marketing Distribution Misc EMD
Earnest Money Deposit Accounts and Finance EMD
Emerald Airport Code EMD
Environmental Management Department Business Management EMD

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