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What does EMF stand for

EMF Full Form / Abbreviation Category EMF Terms
Enlisted Master File Military EMF
E-mail Filtering Networking EMF
Efficient Market Fallacy Stock Exchange EMF
Electromotive force Electronics EMF
End My Fun Funny EMF
Educational Merit Foundation for Student Exchange Organization EMF
Electrical Malfunction Found Electronics EMF
Enhanced Metafile Computer Driver EMF
Enhanced Metafile Vector Graphics File File Type EMF
Elite Mercenary Force Military EMF
Expeditionary Medical Facility Military and Defence EMF
Eclipse Modeling Framework Computer Software EMF
European Museum Forum Conference EMF
Excellence in Missouri Foundation Organization EMF
electromagnetic force Acedemic & Science EMF
E Mail Forwarding Internet EMF
Templeton Emerging Markets Fund NYSE Symbol EMF
Electromotive Force (voltage) Measurement Unit EMF
Enhanced Metafile Format File Extension EMF
Electronic Music Foundation Other EMF
Educational Merit Foundation Organization EMF
European Missionary Fellowship Organization EMF
ElectroMagnetic Field Electronics EMF
European Multicultural Foundation Organization EMF
Etat Major De Forces Military EMF
Emerging Markets Free International Business EMF
Everett Metzger Flanders Popular EMF
Vector graphics (Enhanced Metafile) File Extension EMF

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