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EOM Full Form / Abbreviation Category EOM Terms
Emergency Oxygen Mask Space Science EOM
Extraocular muscle Medical EOM
Enterprise Output Management Computer Software EOM
Equations Of Motion Electronics EOM
End Of Month Accounting EOM
Every Opportunity Matters Business EOM
Engineering Operations Manual Space Science EOM
Employee Of The Month Business Position EOM
Extraocular Movement Physiology EOM
End of Message (T.30) Computer and Networking EOM
Equation Of Motion Physics EOM
Extensibility Object Model Computing EOM
Enterprise Operations Management Business Management EOM
End of Message Texting EOM
Eyes On Me Funny EOM
Every Other Month Texting EOM
Electronic Office Manager Business EOM
Earth Observation Mission Ocean Science EOM
Earth Observation Missions Ocean Science EOM
End of Mission NASA EOM
Electronic And Optical Materials Telecom EOM
Encyclopedia of Mathematics Other EOM

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