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EPL Full Form / Abbreviation Category EPL Terms
External Processor Loop Computing EPL
Electronic, Electrical, and Electromechanical Parts List Space Science EPL
Epinal Airport Code EPL
Echo Path Loss Computer and Networking EPL
Electrical Power Level Space Science EPL
effective privilege level Government EPL
Eplerenone Hospital EPL
Every Player Loaded Sports EPL
Emergency Power Level Space Science EPL
Electronic Parts List NASA EPL
Epinal, France Regional Airport Code EPL
Ethernet Private Line Other EPL
Electronic Intelligence Parameter Limits List Government EPL
Electronics Prototyping Lab Electronics EPL
Edison Price Lighting Other EPL
Eltron Programming Language Other EPL
Mirecourt airport Regional Airport Code EPL
Event Programming Language Computer Software EPL
Eclipse Public License Other EPL
Employment Practices Liability Business EPL
English Premier League Sports EPL
employment protection legislation Other EPL
Espana Primera Liga Spanish EPL
environmental protection limit Government EPL
Evaluated Products List Military EPL
English Premiere League Sports EPL
El Pollo Loco Business Firm EPL
Electron projection lithography Electronics EPL

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