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Here We Listing All Full Form and Abbreviation OF EW. You can check the web's most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, full forms and initialisms. full form and Acronym Finder allows users to find the EW category like computers, technology, Organization, IT, Exam, biology, Sports, telecommunications, and the military. we have more then 15,000 full form data.

What does EW stand for

EW Full Form / Abbreviation Category EW Terms
Electronic Warfare Military EW
England and Wales Misc EW
Equivalent Weight Unit of Measurement EW
Elite Warriors Military EW
Emma Watson Other EW
Entertainment Weekly Media EW
Ed Wynn Popular EW
Endless Waltz Other EW
Early Warning Military EW
Emacs Wait Computer Software EW
Electromagnetic Warfare Military EW
England Wales Regional EW
Empty Words Law EW
Egg White Food EW
Wanted Person Entry FBI File EW
Equal Weight Computing EW
Either Way Other EW
East Wing Other EW
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation NASDAQ Symbol EW
Emaciated Willy Funny EW
EducationWorks Organization EW
Elijah Wood Other EW
East Wind Meteorology EW
Environmental Watch Organization EW
Ellesmere Ward Medical EW
Enlisted Woman Military and Defence EW
Empowered Women Organization EW
East-west Earth Science EW
Empowerment Works! Organization EW
Echo Waveforms Physics Related EW
Extreme Wrestling Sports EW

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