F Full Form Name

F Full Form is Forceten

F Full Form / Abbreviation Category F Terms
Forceten Organization F
Fairbridge Organization F
Firm Business F
Fat Laboratory F
Filling Earth Science F
Forwarding Computer Networking F
aircraft symbol – fighter Government F
Flare Patterns Military and Defence F
Filament (vacuum Tube) Electronics F
Feed needs bénin Organization F
Flipflop Computer Hardware F
Final University F
Floor Architecture F
Frozen Food F
Flux Physics Related F
Fragrance Other F
Football Sports F
Four Internet Slang F
Friends Genealogy F
Forward Transportation F
Force Other F
Fiber(s) Physics Related f.
Forgiveness Religious F
Furnished Real Estate F
Foo Computing F
Fine Coin F
Frequency Chemistry F
farad Government F
Fonkoze Organization F
Fighter Military F
Flash Military F
Femto (10^15) Measurement Unit F
Fox Other F
Form F (polar Make; Make) Contacts Electronics F
Free Business Product F
Frameline Organization F
Fragrant Other F
Farid 12 Organization F
Font Other F
Femmes pour la protectionde ressources naturelles Organization F
First Unit of Measurement F
function of Government F
Feminist Political F
Florida Other F
Fortran language source code file (fixed form) File Extension F
Filogeni Organization F
Format Computing F
Facist Political F
Flight NASA F
Friend Other F
Free range Food F
Fabulous Food F
Fellowship Religious F
Floresta Organization F
Farenheit Other F
form, fit, and function Government F
Fair University F
forward, 7 Government F
Feeling Other F
form-fit-function interface Government F
Ford Motor Company NYSE Symbol F
Floating Ocean Science F
Fife Other F
6 Friends Organization F
Freight Transportation F
Futurewise Organization F
Fireproof Accounting F
500 Festival Organization F
Fitness Sports F
Finesse Other F
Fast Sports F
Flop Media F
fructose Other F
fuse Government F
Foolish Funny F
Flatulance Other F
Female Law F
Fiber Computer Networking F
Fear Other F
Femme Other F
Forehead Physiology F
Flower Botany F
Front Physiology F
False University F
Fraction Maths F
Friendly Misc F
Feriendialysecenter Medical F
Furniture Other F
Full Transportation F
Federal US Government F
Failure University F
Form US Government F
Forestethics Organization F
Fussball Sports F
Future Other F
Focal length Media F
Faith Religious F
Fiscal Accounting F
Degrees Fahrenheit Measurement Unit °F.
Fahrenheit Physiology F
Fraud Other F
Fall Other F
Forwardable Networking F
Fingerprint Law F
Fluorine Laboratory F
Fallacious Law F
Fetus Physiology F
Fibonacci Mathematics F
1899 Foundation Organization F
February Month's Abbreviation F
Frog Other F
Fork Food F
Flat Transportation F
filament Government F
Fantasy Sports F
Finished Other F
Fight Law F
Faculty University F
Fredo Names and Nicknames F
Field Earth Science F
Fieldview Medical F
Flyingmoose Funny F
Featherfist Organization F
Foreclosure Accounting F

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