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FDD Full Form / Abbreviation Category FDD Terms
Fault Detection Diagnosis Electronics FDD
Functional Design Document Military FDD
Fast Direct Display Hardware FDD
Franchise Disclosure Document Other FDD
Floppy Disk Drive Media FDD
Flight Dynamics Division NASA FDD
Functional Dds Denoted Military and Defence FDD
Feature Driven Development Computer Software FDD
Federated Department Stores, Inc., of Delaware (delisted) NYSE Symbol FDD
Force Design and Development Military FDD
Foreign Demand Draft Accounts and Finance FDD
Fictional Digimon And Digidestined Funny FDD
Functional Decomposition Design Military FDD
First Digitized Division Military FDD
FundaciĆ³n Dignidad y Desarrollo Organization FDD
final delivery date, 4 Government FDD
Frequency Division Duplex Telecom FDD
Force Design Directorate Military FDD
Cit Group, Inc. (formerly CIT) NYSE Symbol FDD
Flight Definition Document Space Science FDD
Frequency Division Duplexing Computer and Networking FDD
Fixed Disk Drive Computing FDD

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