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FIM Full Form / Abbreviation Category FIM Terms
Facing Identification Marks Military FIM
Functional Independence Measure Unit of Measurement FIM
field inspection manual Government FIM
Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Other FIM
Facing Identification Mark Acedemic & Science FIM
field intensity meter Government FIM
Flint Institute of Music Other FIM
Finnish Markka Currency FIM
Finite-volume Icosahedral Model Chemistry FIM
Facing Identification Marking NASA FIM
Flow-following Icosahedral Model Chemistry FIM
functional integration management Government FIM
Functional Imaging Method Physics Related FIM
Functional Information Manager Business Position FIM
Failure Identification Module Computer Hardware FIM
Forum International de Montreal Organization FIM
Forget it, It's Monday Funny FIM
field ion microscope Government FIM
Family Inheritance Management Business Management FIM
First Impressions Music Business Firm FIM
Facing Identification Markings NASA FIM
Feed In Model Farming FIM
Food Industry Management Educational Degree FIM
Financial Institutions Manager Job Title FIM
man-launched SAM Government FIM
Forefront Identity Manager Other FIM
Field Ion Microscopy Electronics FIM
Far-infrared Maser Physics Related FIM
Florida International Museum Misc FIM

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