FL Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

FL Full Form is FLuid

FL Full Form / Abbreviation Category FL Terms
FLuid Physiology FL
FLuoride Physiology FL
Foreign Language Education FL
Feet Long Unit of Measurement FL
Flank Physiology FL
Florida State FL
Full Length Other FL
Fuzzy Logic Electronics FL
FLexion Physiology FL
Force Level Military FL
Fine Lookin Funny FL
Formula Libre Business Product FL
Fort Lewis Other FL
Flamenco Latino Organization FL
Family Law Law FL
foot lumen Government FL
Focal Length Photography FL
Foot Locker, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol FL
Freakin Loser Internet Slang FL
Families 4 Life Organization FL
Formula Lightning Business Product FL
Friggin Loser Internet Slang FL
Fruity Loops Other FL
Free at Last Organization FL
footlambert Government FL
flight level Government FL
Full Life Organization FL
Forward Link Space Science FL
field loss contactor or relay Government FL
Flagstaff Lodge Medical FL
flashing light Government FL
flerovium Chemistry FL
flexible Government FL
Fondation Laure Organization FL
Free Lime Chemistry FL
Function Level Information Technology FL
Facilities List Computer and Networking FL
Fiber Link Telecommunication FL
Feed Line Space Science FL
functional limitation Government FL
Fortran Library Softwares FL
PHULERA JN Indian Railway Station FL
Frequency Lock Electronics FL
Furstentun Liechtenstein Country Specific FL
Fluorescent Lighting Real Estate FL
Financial Loss Accounts and Finance FL
Foot Lamberts Measurement Unit FL
Furstentum Liechtenstein Country Specific FL
Flying Leads Military and Defence FL
Free Lancer Organization FL
Flourescent Lamp Computer Hardware FL
Sound (floating Format) (hardware Dependant Not Transportable) File Type FL
Flow Line Space Science FL
Afatds Lightweight Computer Unit Military and Defence FL

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