GG Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

GG Full Form is Greenhouse Gases

GG Full Form / Abbreviation Category GG Terms
Greenhouse Gases Environmental GG
Guaifenesin Physiology GG
Great Grandmother Misc GG
Gilmore Girls Other GG
Good Girl Business Position GG
General Gaming Business Firm GG
Goldcorp, Inc. NYSE Symbol GG
Golden Gate Geology GG
Good Game Sports GG
Green Giant Food GG
Global Group Business Firm GG
Good Gawd Funny GG
Game Gear Other GG
Green Goblin Funny GG
Graduate Gemologist Business Position GG
Gulf of Guinea Ocean Science GG
Gadu Gadu Other GG
Gorgeous Guy Internet Slang GG
Golden Girls Other GG
Green Gorilla Funny GG
Geistige Gesundheit German GG
Gamma Globulin Physiology GG
Genetic Girl Funny GG
Galileo Galilei Popular GG
Geek Gadgets Computer Software GG
General Grievous Science Fiction GG
Girly Girl Funny GG
Green Gas Environmental GG
Genie Girls Funny GG
George Gilder Other GG
Gateway Guardian Business Position GG
Grinning Gregariously Internet Slang GG
Gotta Go Other GG
Golden Girl Media GG
Gossip GirlĀ  Other GG
Great Game Gaming GG
Goldcorp Inc. NASDAQ Symbol GG
Gartnavel General Medical GG
Great Gal Internet Slang GG
Gorgeous Granny Internet Slang GG
Gutsy Girl Funny GG
General Government US Government GG
Garbage Gut Funny GG
Gurl Gamers Funny GG
Gambits Girlfriend Funny GG
Giggle Giggle Funny GG
Girls in the Game Organization GG
Gorbach and Goldin Maths GG
Global Gifts Organization GG
Gravity Gradient Space Science GG
GlobalGiving Organization GG
Government Girl Funny GG
Greenwood Gardens Organization GG
Georgia Government GG
Gorgonian Grotto Earth Science GG
Global Gen Organization GG
Guernsey Country Names GG
GANDHIGRAM Indian Railway Station GG
Gas Generator Space Science GG
Generic Graph Maths GG
The Gamma Gamma Physics Related GG
Gotham Gazette Organization GG
Gallanatron's Glory Funny GG
Gaussian Geminals Physics Related GG
Gunn3r Games Sports GG
Great Grandma Business Position GG
Grinwood Gators Sports GG
Global Geophysics Physics Related GG

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