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GR Full Form / Abbreviation Category GR Terms
Grand Rapids Local State GR
Growth Rates Accounting GR
Glucocorticoid Receptor Laboratory GR
Greece Countries GR
Gram Unit of Measurement GR
General Relativity Physics GR
Growth Rate Accounting GR
Ghost Recon Funny GR
General Requirements Education GR
Group Physiology GR
Green River Local State GR
Grigioni Italian GR
Grim Reaper Business Position GR
Gold Rush Community GR
Golden Retriever Veterinary GR
Grande Randonnée Other GR
Grande Randonnee French GR
Get Results Business GR
Giant Robot Science Fiction GR
guten rutsch German GR
Grid Reference Military GR
Galactic Rotation Astronomy GR
General Resolution United Nations GR
General Register US Government GR
B. F. Goodrich Company NYSE Symbol GR
Glufosinate Resistant Chemistry GR
Graves Registration Military GR
General Reconnaissance Military GR
Government Relations Other GR
Grand Pertaining to Dogs GR
Graduate Education GR
Girls Rights Funny GR
George Reigns Funny GR
Galeria de la Raza Organization GR
Giarratano-riley Softwares GR
Groupe Riche Organization GR
GlobalRankers Organization GR
Goodwins Road Medical GR
Gorillaz Rule Funny GR
Good Race Internet Slang GR
General Radiation Chemistry GR
grain Misc GR
Geometrical Realization Maths GR
Graemlin Related Softwares GR
General Radio Business Firm GR
Global Reset Computer Assembly Language GR
Guard Reversal Sports GR
Guaranteed Reagent Chemistry GR
Generalized Rayleigh Maths GR
Ground Representation Electronics GR
German Rifle Military and Defence GR
Grain (approximately 60 Mg) Measurement Unit GR
Generic Rank Maths GR
Gunning Refractory Physics Related GR
Generalized Ring Maths GR
Gorur Ramaswamy Messaging GR
Groups of Rococo Maths GR
GULBARGA Indian Railway Station GR
Guaranteed Receipt Stock Exchange GR
Game Results Sports GR
Ground Rule Space Science GR
Graduated Response Military and Defence GR

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