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What does GSM stand for

GSM Full Form / Abbreviation Category GSM Terms
Global System for Mobile Communications Mobile Technology GSM
General Skilled Migration Country Specific GSM
Globecomm Services Maryland Other GSM
General Service Medal Other GSM
GoSupermodel Website GSM
Groupe Sp├ęciale Mobile System GSM
Groupe Speciale Mobile Telecommunication GSM
Global System for Mobile (communications) Telecommunication GSM
Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre Wine GSM
Global Systems Mobile Telecommunication GSM
Gigabit Ethernet Switching Module Xylan GSM
General Sales Manager Job Title GSM
Generalized Space-Mapping Device modeling approach GSM
General Surface Mount General GSM
Graduate School of Management School GSM
Gheshm Airport Code GSM
Government Supplied Material Canada GSM
Graphic Screen Manager Megasys GSM
Ground Support Module Military and Defence GSM
Generalized Second Moment Maths GSM
Generic Services Model ANSI GSM
Geographic System for Mobile Geography GSM
Grams Per Square Meter Measurement Unit GSM
General Support Maintenance Military and Defence GSM
Gprs Session Management Business Management GSM
Global Society Makers (India) GSM
Ground Station Module Military and Defence GSM
Greater Swiss Mountain (dogs) GSM
General Shareholders Meeting Various locations GSM
Guanghua School of Management China GSM
Greenwich School of Management Business Management GSM
Generic Simulation Manager Military and Defence GSM

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