HR Full Form

HR full form

Hr Full Form Is Human Resource.
main role of hr is provide efficient manpower and friendly nature with employee.HR Are focus on management, recruitment, and direction. Hr is a most important part of the company.

HR Full Form is

HR Full Form / MeaningCategoryHR Terms
Human ResourceOrganizationHR
Half RatePrizeHR
Hazard ratioGeneralHR
Heart rateheart beatsHR
Hertzsprung–Russell diagramScience, technology and engineeringHR
Homologous recombinationDNAHR
Hampton RoadsRegionHR
Horizontal RuleSoftwareHR
Human resource managementBusiness and financeHR
Heritage railwayTransportationHR
Highland RailwayTransportationHR
Human RightsOtherHR

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