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IBC Full Form / Abbreviation Category IBC Terms
Individual Blade Control Transportation IBC
Interactive Business Card Business IBC
International Business Companies International Business IBC
Inward Bills for Collection Banking IBC
International Business Communications Human Genome IBC
Immanuel Baptist Church Religious IBC
International Blues Challenge Other IBC
International Board Competition Sports IBC
Independence Blue Cross Other IBC
Intercommunity Blind Center Organization IBC
Intercollegiate Bowling Championship Sports IBC
Institutional Biosafety Committee Laboratory IBC
International Blue Cross Organization IBC
International Bathymetric Chart Ocean Science IBC
International Broadcasting Convention Media IBC
instrument bus computer Government IBC
Illinois Benedictine College University IBC
industrial base capability Government IBC
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Oncology IBC
International Business Company International Business IBC
International Business College Educational Institute IBC
International Business Corporation International Business IBC
Institute of Business Consulting Accounts and Finance IBC
Integrated Business Computer Computer Hardware IBC
It's Bad Cola Funny IBC
Intermediate Bulk Container Transportation IBC
Inter-board Connector Computer Hardware IBC
Iraq Body Count Other IBC

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