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Here We Listing All Full Form and Abbreviation OF IBT. You can check the web's most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, full forms and initialisms. full form and Acronym Finder allows users to find the IBT category like computers, technology, Organization, IT, Exam, biology, Sports, telecommunications, and the military. we have more then 15,000 full form data.

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IBT Full Form / Abbreviation Category IBT Terms
Islwyn Borough Transport Transportation IBT
Institute for Business Technology Technology IBT
It's Bout Time Internet Slang IBT
Inclined Bed Therapy Other IBT
International Bridge and Terminal Company Regional Railroad IBT
Intermediate Business Technology Business IBT
International Business Times Other IBT
Institute of Biosciences and Technology Technology IBT
Integrated Business Technology Business IBT
Inter Basin Transfer Ocean Science IBT
Institute of Biology, The Organization IBT
Integrated Baseline Testing Space Science IBT
Interbus Transformer Computer Hardware IBT
Information Business Technology Computing IBT
Institute of Business and Technology Other IBT
Integrated Book Technology Technology IBT
Illinois Business Tax Income Tax IBT

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