ICR Full Form Name

ICR Full Form is International Communications Research

ICR Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryICR Terms
International Communications ResearchBusiness FirmICR
Instruction Change RequestSpace ScienceICR
Inanimate Carbon RodChemistryICR
Intelligence Collection RequirementMilitaryICR
International Credit RepairAccounts and FinanceICR
I Can ReadEducationICR
Institute for Children''s RightsOrganizationICR
Institute of Cancer ResearchOncologyICR
Institute for Community ResearchOrganizationICR
Bitmap Graphics (ncsa Telnet Interactive Color Raster Graphic File)File TypeICR
information collection and reportGovernmentICR
intelligence collection requirementsGovernmentICR
Imprinting Control RegionHuman GenomeICR
I Can't RememberInternet SlangICR
NicaroAirport CodeICR
Income Contingent RepaymentLawICR
Indirect Cost RecoveryAccountingICR
Instantaneous Center of RotationPhysics RelatedICR
Ion Cyclotron ResonancePhysics RelatedICR
Interrupt Control RegisterComputer AssemblyICR
Institute of Cetacean ResearchOtherICR
Institute for Consumer ResponsibilityOrganizationICR
Image Character RecognitionSoftwaresICR
Interface Compatibility RecordSpace ScienceICR
Intelligence Collection RequestMilitary and DefenceICR
Intelligent Character RecognitionComputingICR

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