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ICR Full Form / Abbreviation Category ICR Terms
International Communications Research Business Firm ICR
Instruction Change Request Space Science ICR
Inanimate Carbon Rod Chemistry ICR
Intelligence Collection Requirement Military ICR
International Credit Repair Accounts and Finance ICR
I Can Read Education ICR
Institute for Children''s Rights Organization ICR
Institute of Cancer Research Oncology ICR
Institute for Community Research Organization ICR
Bitmap Graphics (ncsa Telnet Interactive Color Raster Graphic File) File Type ICR
information collection and report Government ICR
intelligence collection requirements Government ICR
Imprinting Control Region Human Genome ICR
I Can't Remember Internet Slang ICR
Nicaro Airport Code ICR
Income Contingent Repayment Law ICR
Indirect Cost Recovery Accounting ICR
Instantaneous Center of Rotation Physics Related ICR
Ion Cyclotron Resonance Physics Related ICR
Interrupt Control Register Computer Assembly ICR
Institute of Cetacean Research Other ICR
Institute for Consumer Responsibility Organization ICR
Image Character Recognition Softwares ICR
Interface Compatibility Record Space Science ICR
Intelligence Collection Request Military and Defence ICR
Intelligent Character Recognition Computing ICR

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