IDF Full Form Name

IDF Full Form is I Do Fly

IDF Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryIDF Terms
I Do FlyInternet SlangIDF
Independent Distribution FrameTelecommunicationIDF
International Dehydrated FoodsBusiness FirmIDF
Intermediate Distribution FrameComputer NetworkingIDF
Inverse Document FrequencyComputer SoftwareIDF
Ile De FranceCountry SpecificIDF
intermediate distributing frameGovernmentIDF
International Diabetes FederationNon-Profit OrganizationIDF
Intensity, Duration, FrequencyMilitary and DefenceIDF
Indian Dreams FoundationOrganizationIDF
Intel Developer ForumComputer SoftwareIDF
Intermediate Distribution FacilityBusinessIDF
Illinois Disciples FoundationUniversityIDF
InternalDrive FoundationOrganizationIDF
integrated data fileGovernmentIDF
International Dart FederationSportsIDF
Integrated Dual FeedElectronicsIDF
Inertial Dampening FieldNASAIDF
Israeli Defense ForcesMilitaryIDF
Intermediate Data FormatDatabase ManagementIDF
Internet Death ForcesFunnyIDF
Input Data FormatDatabase ManagementIDF
Israeli Defense ForceInternationalIDF
IdiofaAirport CodeIDF
instantaneous direction finder, 5GovernmentIDF
Immune Deficiency FoundationNon-Profit OrganizationIDF
Intensity Duration FrequencyMilitaryIDF
Integrated Development FoundationOrganizationIDF
MIDI instrument definitionFile ExtensionIDF

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