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IML Full Form / Abbreviation Category IML Terms
Imperial (ne) Airport Code IML
Instituto Medicina Legal Medical IML
Interactive Matrix Language Computer Software IML
International Microgravity Laboratory Space Science IML
Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. NYSE Symbol IML
Initial Machine Load Computing IML
In-mold Lamination Electronics IML
Initial Microcode Load Computing IML
Interface Management Language Softwares IML
Inside Mold Line Space Science IML
International Munitions List International Business IML
Institute for Music Leadership Other IML
Intermediate Markup Language Softwares IML
intermediate maintenance level Government IML
International Mister Leather Business Firm IML
In Mold Lamination Electronics IML
International Marching League Sports IML
Imperial, Nebraska USA Regional Airport Code IML
Information Markup Language Softwares IML
Integrated Management Log Computer Hardware IML

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