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Integrated Management Systems – IMS

Many IMS Full Forms Are Available In different category here you can check many IMS full forms.

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Full Form is Integrated Management Systems

IMS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryIMS Terms
Integrated Management SystemsBusinesses and companiesIMS
Integrated Micro SolutionsBusinesses and companiesIMS
International Merchant ServicesBusinesses and companiesIMS
IMS Internet Media ServicesBusinesses and companiesIMS
International Medical ServicesOrganizations and institutesIMS
Indian Mathematical SocietyOrganizations and institutesIMS
Indian Medical ServiceOrganizations and institutesIMS
Insight Meditation SocietyOrganizations and institutesIMS
Institute of Mathematical StatisticsOrganizations and institutesIMS
International Magicians SocietyOrganizations and institutesIMS
International Mountain SocietyOrganizations and institutesIMS
International Musicological SocietyOrganizations and institutesIMS
International music summitOrganizations and institutesIMS
Irish Marching SocietyOrganizations and institutesIMS
Irish Mathematical SocietyOrganizations and institutesIMS
Iranian Mathematical SocietyOrganizations and institutesIMS
Information Management ServicesComputers and internetIMS
Information Management SystemComputers and internetIMS
Internet Map ServerComputers and internetIMS
Internet Medieval SourcebookComputers and internetIMS
IP Multimedia SubsystemComputers and internetIMS
Institute of Management StudiesSchoolsIMS
Issaquah Middle SchoolSchoolsIMS
Immunomagnetic separationScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Industrial methylated spiritScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Insulated metal substrateScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Intelligent Maintenance SystemsScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Intelligent Munitions SystemScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Intermediate syndromeScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
International Microwave SymposiumScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Intramuscular stimulationScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Intravenous marijuana syndromeScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Ion mobility spectrometerScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Irritable male syndromeScience, medicine, and technologyIMS
Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayOtherIMS
Integrated master scheduleOtherIMS
International Measurement SystemOtherIMS

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