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IPOD Full Form / Abbreviation Category IPOD Terms
I'm Puzzled Over Defects Funny IPOD
Important Personal Original Device Funny IPOD
Intelligent Portable Over Device Computer Networking IPOD
Idiots Pay Over Dose Funny IPOD
Interface Protocol Option Device Electronics IPOD
I Pay Online Devotedly Funny IPOD
Interim Planning Overlay District Community IPOD
Idiots Price Our Devices Funny IPOD
Interesting Piece Of Digitology Funny IPOD
International Program of Ocean Drilling Ocean Science IPOD
International Product Of Diversity Funny IPOD
Idiots Priced Our Device Funny IPOD
Interesting Piece of Odd Doings Funny IPOD
Interesting Person On Dope Funny IPOD
I Play On Dumb Funny IPOD
Internet Phone Over Data Telecom IPOD
International Project for Offshore Drilling US Government IPOD
Interchangable Portable Occular Device Funny IPOD

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