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What does IRP stand for

IRP Full Form / Abbreviation Category IRP Terms
I/O Request Packet Computer Driver IRP
Independent Reading Project Education IRP
Integrated Resource Plan Business IRP
Intermediary Relending Program Accounting IRP
Independent Research Provider Business Firm IRP
International Registration Plan Internet IRP
Independent Reading Program Education IRP
Information Retrieval Protocol Computing IRP
Iron Regulatory Protein Physiology IRP
Interrupted Renewal Process Laboratory IRP
Investigative Review Panel Law IRP
Islamic Republic of Pakistan Countries IRP
Isiro Airport Code IRP
IRAVIPURAM Indian Railway Station IRP
individual reinforcement plan Government IRP
Inherited Runs Prevented Sports IRP
Integrated Resource Package Business IRP
Individualized Reading Program Education IRP
Intensive Research Project University IRP
Isiro, Congo Regional Airport Code IRP
Initial Readiness Position Sports IRP
Institute on Race and Poverty Organization IRP
Isiro Matari airport Regional Airport Code IRP
installation restoration program Government IRP
Integrated Resource Planning Business IRP

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