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Industry Standard Architecture – ISA

Many Full form of isa but main meaning of isa is Industry Standard Architecture. ISA main concept was coined by competing PC-clone manufacturers in the late 1980s or early 1990s as a reaction to IBM attempts to replace the AT-bus with its new and incompatible Micro Channel architecture.

ISA ia a term for the 16-bit internal bus of IBM PC/AT. The 16-Bit isa bus was used with 32-bit processors for many years.

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ISA Full Form is

ISA Full Form / Meaning Category ISA Terms
Industry Standard Architecture Information Technology ISA
Indian Standard equal/unequal Angle General ISA
Intelligence Support Activity Military ISA
Instruction Set Architecture Information Technology ISA
Information Systems Audit Banking ISA
Individual Savings Account Banking ISA
International Standard On Auditing Accounts and Finance ISA
International Standards on Auditing Finance ISA
Israel Securities Authority Finance ISA
Intelligence Services Act Government ISA
International Searching Authority Government ISA
International Seabed Authority Government ISA
Italian Space Agency Government ISA
Israel Space Agency Government ISA
International Sociological Association Religion ISA
Ideological State Apparatus Religion ISA
International Sociological Association Science and nature ISA
International Society of Automation Science ISA
Infectious salmon anemia Science ISA
Information Systems Associates FZE Technology ISA
Internet Security and Acceleration Server Technology ISA
International Symbol of Access General ISA

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