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ITA Full Form / Abbreviation Category ITA Terms
Intelligent Task Authority Government ITA
Integrated Test Area Space Science ITA
Individual Training Account Business ITA
Illinois Telecommunications Association Telecommunication ITA
Income Tax Act US Government ITA
Italy Fund, Inc. NYSE Symbol ITA
Interactive Tax Assistant Income Tax ITA
Intelligent Text Analyser Softwares ITA
Initial Teaching Alphabet Education ITA
Israeli Tax Authority Accounts and Finance ITA
Italy Country ISO Code ITA
Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica University ITA
Itacoatiara Airport Code ITA
Improved Trade Agreement US Government ITA
International Taekwondo Association Sports ITA
Information Technology Associates Technology ITA
International Trombone Association Other ITA
Illinois Technology Association Technology ITA
Integrated Test Article Space Science ITA
Information Technology Alliance Technology ITA
International Television Academy Space Science ITA
International Trade Administration International Business ITA
Industry Technical Agreement Business ITA
Institute for Technology Technology ITA
International Trade Association Transportation ITA
International Technology Alliance Other ITA
International Teaching Assistant University ITA
Information technology Automation Computing ITA
Interface Test Adapter Hardware ITA
International Trademark Association Organization ITA
Interior Taxpayers Association Non-Profit Organization ITA
Information Technology Agent Softwares ITA
International Telegraphic Alphabet Military and Defence ITA
Independent Television Authority Media ITA
Institute for Transnational Arbitration Organization ITA
Intercollegiate Tennis Association Sports ITA
Information Technology Academy Education ITA
industry and trade administration Government ITA
International Tape/Disc Association Media ITA
Intelligent Text Analyzer Military and Defence ITA
Inferior Telecommunications Apparatus Telecommunication ITA
I Totally Agree Internet Slang ITA
Integrated Test Adapter Military and Defence ITA
Institute of Transactional Analysis Organization ITA
In Trouble Again Education ITA
ITOLA Indian Railway Station ITA
International Tornado Association Meteorology ITA
International Taxicab Association Transportation ITA
International Tin Agreement International Business ITA
International Telegraph Alphabet Government ITA

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