IV Full Form Name

IV Full Form is Ivory

IV Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryIV Terms
In VivoPhysiologyIV
IntravehicularSpace ScienceIV
in VorbereitungGermanIV
Iodine ValueChemistryIV
Impact VisionOrganizationIV
Mark IV Industries, Inc.NYSE SymbolIV
Imperial VengeanceOtherIV
im VorjahrGermanIV
Integrated VehicleSpace ScienceIV
Image ValueMathematicsIV
Interactive VideoMediaIV
implementation visitsGovernmentIV
Initialization VectorOtherIV
Institutions psychiatriques du Valais romandMedicalIV
Initial VelocitySpace ScienceIV
Input VoltagePhysics RelatedIV
Integer ValueComputer AssemblyIV
Interface VolumeSpace ScienceIV
3D object (Open Inventor format)File ExtensionIV
Independent VariableAcedemic & ScienceIV
intermediate voltageGovernmentIV
in VertretungGermanIV
Intravenous LinePhysiologyIV
Integrated VignetteComputingIV
Intravenous - into a veinOncologyIV
Island VolunteersOrganizationIV
Industrial VisitCountry SpecificIV
Import ValueInternational BusinessIV
Innisfree VillageOrganizationIV
inventory variance, 4GovernmentIV
Index VariableComputer Technologyiv
Roman Number 4MathematicsIV

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