LB Full Form Name

LB Full Form is Larry Bird

LB Full Form / Abbreviation Category LB Terms
Larry Bird Popular LB
Letter Ballot Computer and Networking LB
Lower Bounds Mathematics LB
Little Bit Media LB
Lover Boy Internet Slang LB
local battery Government LB
Leo Brenner Organization LB
Line Broadening Physics LB
Large Breed Veterinary LB
Load Byte Computer Assembly Language LB
Lucky Boy Job Title LB
Little Because Internet Slang LB
Little Btch Internet Slang LB
Log Base Maths LB
Low Bridge Local State LB
Little Barsteward Funny LB
L Brands, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol LB
Light Bandwidth Electronics LB
Lower Brace Space Science LB
Lunch Box Food LB
Luria Broth Food LB
Lebanon Countries LB
Lake Blackshear Local State LB
Little Boy Military LB
Leighton Buzzard Funny LB
Long Barrel Military and Defence LB
Leg Bye Sports LB
Laser Box Physics Related LB
Lost Ball Sports LB
Loop Back (Rec. I.610) Computer and Networking LB
Low Battery Hardware LB
Load Balancing Computer Networking LB
Lower Berth Indian Railways LB
Lucky Bastard Internet Slang LB
Lower Bound Mathematics LB
Long Ball Sports LB
Landmines Blow! Organization LB
left button Government LB
Left Behind Military LB
Lady Bird Popular LB
large business, 6 Government LB
Pound Military LB
Land Bank Banking LB
Los Ba├▒os Local State LB
Low Barrier Electronics LB
Low Bias Electronics LB
Leaky Box Electronics LB
Loss Block Electronics LB
Low Ball Business LB
LAIN BAZAR Indian Railway Station LB
Laguna Beach State LB
Live Bait Sports LB
Long Beach Local State LB
Lodge at Broadmead Medical LB
Load Bank NASA LB
Lousy Ball Sports LB
List Block Computer Assembly Language LB
Life Boat Military and Defence LB
Lame Brain Texting LB
light bombardment Government LB
Little Boys Community LB
Little Bay Other LB
Lehman Brothers Business Firm LB
line block Government LB
Low Bounce Sports LB
Left Bank Community LB
Legislative Bill US Government LB
Low Bay Space Science LB
Logging and Bookkeeping Accounts and Finance LB
Laser Beam Physics LB
Lookin Better Internet Slang LB
Low Budget Business LB
Loudmouth Bum Internet Slang LB
Lowest daily outstanding Balance Banking LB
Launch Bus Space Science LB
LineBacker Sports LB
Launch Boost Space Science LB
Listing Broker Stock Exchange LB
Little Brother Community LB
Little Baby Hospital LB
Laboratorios Biom├ędicos Medical LB

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