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LC Full Form / Abbreviation Category LC Terms
low carbon Government LC
Last Comment Internet Slang LC
Locus Coeruleus Physiology LC
Liquid Crystal Electronics LC
Literacy Chicago Organization LC
Leading Coefficient Maths LC
Lincoln Center Community LC
List Coverage Networking LC
Low Complexity Maths LC
LibraryCity Organization LC
LUCKNOW CITY Indian Railway Station LC
Legion of Christ Religious LC
Limited Company Business Firm LC
Local Currency Banking LC
Logic Channel Computer and Networking LC
inductor-capacitor circuit Government LC
Liquid Chromatography Electronics LC
line connector Government LC
Light Casing Computer Hardware LC
Lateral Confinement Physics Related LC
Limited Credibility Job Title LC
Loan Commitment Accounts and Finance LC
load center Government LC
Labyrinth Center Organization LC
Loran C Transportation LC
line of contact Government LC
Life Care Organization LC
Lifewater, Canada Organization LC
Last Chance Law LC
Location Code Military LC
Low Cost Military LC
Lessen Chance Sports LC
Least Count Mathematics LC
Logical Channel Computer Networking LC
Log Cabin Architecture LC
Lifeline Cliniq Medical LC
La Colombe Organization LC
Luther College Educational Institute LC
level control Government LC
lead covered Government LC
Listening Comprehension Education LC
Location Counter Computer Assembly Language LC
LendingClub Corporation NASDAQ Symbol LC
Library of Congress US Government LC
Losing Control Internet Slang LC
Left Center Space Science LC
Low Cholesterol Food LC
Loud and Clear Military and Defence LC
Linux Certified Certifications LC
Logistics Chain Military LC
Loop Counter Computer Assembly LC
Lenmed Clinic Medical LC
La Cocina Organization LC
Lawyers Clearinghouse Organization LC
Limit Cycle Electronics LC
line of communication Government LC
lightweight computer Government LC
Launch Countdown Space Science LC
Line Compressed Telecommunication LC
Legendary Classic Sports LC
Lakeside Clinic Medical LC
Location Class Softwares LC
Low Cut Clothes LC
Luscious Cutie Internet Slang LC
The Library Of Congress US Government LC
Luther Court Medical LC
letter contract, 16 Government LC
Lake Current Military and Defence LC
Launch Complex Space Science LC
Life Church Organization LC
Saint Lucia Countries LC
Loop Count Computer Assembly LC
Life Cycle Computer Hardware LC
Liquid Cooled Chemistry LC
Liveable City Organization LC
Launch Critical Space Science LC
Liquid Coupling Chemistry LC
logistics command, control, and communications Government LC
load compensating Government LC
Lifeline Canberra Organization LC
Lumen Christ Organization LC
Lactation Consultant Job Title LC
Lemonade Conspiracy Funny LC
Inductance-capacitance Electronics LC
Lafayette College Organization LC
League Cup Sports LC
Lutheran Church Religious LC
Legislative Council Local State LC
line carrying Government LC
Liberation alliance for Change Organization LC
Lakeview Center Medical LC
Lower Cassette Networking LC
Landing Craft Ship Types LC
Letter of Credit Accounting LC
liquid crystals Government LC
Left Channel Media LC
Lost Cause Military LC
Liberty City Other LC
Lost Connection Telecommunication LC
Life Centre Organization LC
Life Concern Organization LC
Lower Case Softwares LC
Line Chaser Telecommunication LC
Los Cenzontles Organization LC
Lethal Concentration Physiology LC
Label Creator Softwares LC
Last Call (ITU, IETF) Computer and Networking LC
load carrier Government LC
Legal Counsel Military and Defence LC

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