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LDA Full Form / Abbreviation Category LDA Terms
Local Director Acceleration Computer Networking LDA
Light Double Action Law LDA
Least Desired Approach Business LDA
Malda airport Regional Airport Code LDA
Laser Doppler Anemometry Physics LDA
Linear Discriminant Analysis Other LDA
Length Distance Angle Mathematics LDA
Liga Deportiva Alajuelense Sports LDA
locate drum address Government LDA
Localizer Direction Aid Military LDA
Lahore Development Authority Local State LDA
Lobbying Disclosure Act Misc LDA
Malda, India Regional Airport Code LDA
Los Dias Ahora Spanish LDA
Logic Design Automation Electronics LDA
Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen Chemistry LDA
Limited Depository Account Military and Defence LDA
Lithium Diisopropylamide Chemistry LDA
LIDHORA KHURD Indian Railway Station LDA
Malda Airport Code LDA
Localizer Directional Aid Transportation LDA
Landing Directional Aid Transportation LDA
logical device address Government LDA
Landing Distance Available Transportation LDA
Local Density Approximation Electronics LDA
Local Delivery Agent Computer Networking LDA
Lahore Developement Authority Local State LDA
Lightning Double Action Law LDA

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