LES Full Form Name

LES Full Form is Language For Embedded Systems

LES Full Form / Abbreviation Category LES Terms
Language For Embedded Systems Computing LES
Local Excitatory State Chemistry LES
Louisiana Energy Services Business Firm LES
leading edge services Government LES
Local Enhanced Service Telecommunication LES
Learning Environment Specialist Business Position LES
Linear Expenditure System Accounting LES
Living Energy System Religious LES
Law Enforcement Sensitive Military and Defence LES
Computer-based Training Lesson File File Type LES
Line Encryption System Computer Security LES
Large Eddy Simulation Ocean Science LES
Leave And Earnings Statement Business Position LES
Lan (local Area Network) Emulation Server Networking LES
Lesobeng airport Regional Airport Code LES
leading edge simulation , 6 Government LES
Loop Emulation Service Computer Networking LES
Lincoln Elementary School School LES
Launch Equipment Shop Space Science LES
Loadable Ejection System Business Product LES
Land Earth Station NASA LES
local area network emulation server Government LES
Lobotomies For Every Student University LES
Lesobeng Airport Code LES
launch environment simulator Government LES
Lower Esophageal Sphincter Physiology LES
limited early site Government LES
Launch Entry Suit NASA LES
Licensing Executives Society Business Position LES
Lesotho Countries LES
Large Eddy Simulations Ocean Science LES
Lower Esophageall Sphincter Laboratory LES
Lincoln Laboratories Experimental Satellite Military and Defence LES
Launch Escape System NASA LES
Lesobeng, Lesotho Regional Airport Code LES
Local Enforcement Systems Business Firm LES
Lower East Side Local State LES
Lambert-Eaton Syndrome Physiology LES
Load 32-bit Pointer From Memory Source To Destination Register and Es (extra Segment) Register Computer Assembly Language LES
Load Pointer Using ES Computer Assembly LES

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