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LOVE Full Form / Abbreviation Category LOVE Terms
Let Obedience Voice Echo Religious LOVE
Leave Out Violence Everywhere Law LOVE
Learning To Overcome Violence Everywhere Regional LOVE
Learn and Observe Values of Each other Funny LOVE
Lousy Overrated Vile Emotion Funny LOVE
Loss Of Vital Energy Funny LOVE
Laughter Optimism Volunteerism And Enthusiasm Funny LOVE
Lawrence's Organized Volunteer Enterprise Business Firm LOVE
Leaving Our Vehicles Elsewhere Transportation LOVE
Legs Open Very Easy Internet Slang LOVE
Love Overcomes Violence Eternally Law LOVE
Let Our Violence End Law LOVE
Leave Out Violence Organization LOVE
Laughter Open Vision Eternal Religious LOVE
Ladies Organized For Volunteering And Encouragement Community LOVE
Local Organized Volunteer Effort Community LOVE
Locomotion Observing Visionary Empowerment Meteorology LOVE
Light Of Valuable Energy Religious LOVE
Linguistics Of Visible English Chemistry LOVE
Lawrence Organizing Voices For Empowerment University LOVE
Leave Our Vehicles Elsewhere Community LOVE
Lashings of Violent Exercise Sports LOVE
Loss Of Valuable Education Funny LOVE
L= Lake of sorrow + O = Ocean of tears + V = Valley of death + E = End of life Internet Chat LOVE

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