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LWS Full Form / Abbreviation Category LWS Terms
Lil' Web Server Computer Networking LWS
Lightning Warning System Space Science LWS
Light-weight System Space Science LWS
Linear White Space Computer Networking LWS
Link WorkStation Computer Security LWS
Low Water Sensitivity Chemistry LWS
Loading (manual) Weapons and Stores Military and Defence LWS
Large Wafer Study Electronics LWS
Louise White School Other LWS
LightWeight System Computer Security LWS
Light Warning Sensor Military LWS
Lewiston (id) Airport Code LWS
Living With a Star Media LWS
Left Wing Spar Military and Defence LWS
Long Word Sync Computer Assembly Language LWS
Low Water at Spring Tide Ocean Science LWS
Long-wave Set Radio Science LWS
Land Warfare System Military LWS
Luister Waarschuwings Sonar Military and Defence LWS
Labour Welfare Sangh Organization LWS
Light-weight Sight Military and Defence LWS
Limited Warning Strike Military and Defence LWS
Lowell Whiteman School Other LWS
Left Wheel Speed Transportation LWS
Left Wing Station Space Science LWS
Leaf Wait Status Networking LWS
LUKWASA Indian Railway Station LWS
Laser Warning System Military LWS
Land Warrior Surrogate Military LWS
Life Welfare Society Organization LWS
Local Weather Service Transportation LWS

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