MAGIC Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

MAGIC Full Form is machine for automatic graphics interface to a computer

MAGIC Full Form / Abbreviation Category MAGIC Terms
machine for automatic graphics interface to a computer Government MAGIC
My Alternate Graphics And Image Code Computing MAGIC
multimillion advanced ground intelligent control Government MAGIC
Motivating And Affirming The Genius In Children Education MAGIC
Military Advisory Group In China Military and Defence MAGIC
Mobile Automotive Geographic Information Core Transportation MAGIC
Metabolic Assistance Group Intervention Clinic Military and Defence MAGIC
Multiple Access Graphics Imaging Center US Government MAGIC
MIDAC automatic general integrated computation Government MAGIC
Multi Age Groupings For Integrating Curriculum Education MAGIC
Maximizing Academic Growth In College University MAGIC
Meaningful Activities For Gifted In The Classroom Education MAGIC
Mucosta Against Gastric Inflammation Carcinogenesis Oncology MAGIC
Media Accelerated Global Information Carrier Computer Networking MAGIC
MidAmerica GIS Consortium, Ltd. Business Firm MAGIC
Mondial Antenna Ground Isolation Circuit Electronics MAGIC
Making A Greater Individual Commitment Business MAGIC
Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internet-work Consortium Military and Defence MAGIC
Media And Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre University MAGIC
Messaging Addressing Gateway Internet and Control Networking MAGIC
Maritime Air-Ground Intelligence Center Government MAGIC
Motivation, Activation, Growth, Involvement, Commitment Community MAGIC
Manual and Gaze Input Cascaded Computer Hardware MAGIC
Making All Groups Internet Connected Internet MAGIC
Mcmaster Adventure Gaming Interest Club University MAGIC
My Ass Got Infected, Coach Funny MAGIC
matrix algebra general interpretive coding Government MAGIC
Mozambique, Angola and Guinea Information Centre African MAGIC

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