MDE Full Form Acronyms Abbreviation

MDE Full Form is Multimedia Delivery Europe

MDE Full Form / Abbreviation Category MDE Terms
Multimedia Delivery Europe Business Firm MDE
Mde Database ( Microsoft Access) File Type MDE
magnetic decision element Government MDE
Mission Dependent Experiment Space Science MDE
Medellin Airport Code MDE
MDE database (Microsoft Access) File Extension MDE
Minimum Distributor Earnings Accounting MDE
Medellin, Colombia Regional Airport Code MDE
Mission Dependent Equipment Space Science MDE
MAKHDUMPUR GAYA Indian Railway Station MDE
Mississippi Department of Education Local State MDE
Modular Display Electronics Space Science MDE
Jose Maria Cordova airport Regional Airport Code MDE
message distribution element Government MDE
Military Dynasty Elimination Military MDE
Major Design Element Hardware MDE
Michigan Department of Education Local State MDE
major defense equipment Government MDE
Municipalidad De Escaz Organization MDE
Master of Distance Education Academic Degree MDE
Maximum Design Earthquake Earth Science MDE
Major Depressive Episode Physiology MDE
Manual Data Entry Computer Database MDE

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